Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Open house! Open house!

It's open house fever! Tapi tuan punya blog tak sempat nak buat open house sendiri. Insyaallah next year kite buat ye..This time, all these sweeties ordered by the same person. Thanks to Sis Syikin and so sorry for not being able to come for the makan-makan...baker migrain lepas deliver the cakes hahaha!

Birthday brownies for Nayli, layered with strawberry cakes, topped with choc fudge and strawberries, surrounded with smarties!

Strawberry cuppies. First time try teknik buttercream transfer tapi tak jadik sangat, still kene touch up..

Pool set cuppies , choc and peppermint cake.

My fancy mini donuts! Choc fudge topping

Yang ni strawberry glaze topping

And this one pulak apple glaze topping.

Apam dot dot with dot dot liners :)

Weekend yang sangat memenatkan, tapi tidak mematahkan semangat saya. Instead, it motivates me more!
Untill next time loves!


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